Desk studies

Before construction can begin, we carry out feasibility studies in conjunction with the architect, engineer or developer to ensure a quick decision is made as to the project's viability.


Projects are often subject to complex legal and technical requirements, which the construction company must consider before deciding to invest.


Our launch management team enables you to start quickly and smoothly. As part of the feasibility study, we usually carry out a desk study to examine essential concepts such as likely ground conditions, infrastructure requirements and scheduling. We also work with the relevant statutory authorities to co-ordinate any planning permission procedures.


Often a desk study will be required to be carried out to accompany a planning application, to address paragraph 121 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) that came into force in March 2012, or as a condition of the granted planning permission.


The desk study will determine the historical land use of the site and surrounding areas, environmental sensitivity, hydrology, hydrogeology.  A walkover survey will also be carried out.  The desk study will establish a conceptual model of the site identifiying the potential sources of contamination, pollution pathways and potential receptors along with the associated risks.  This will dictate the requirements, if any, for any intrusive investigation work.