Environmental Investigation

Should the outcome of the desk study dictate that an intrusive environmental investigation is necessary, Soiltec are able to offer a full range of investigations.  Excavation of soils using windowless sampler boreholes, shell and auger boreholes and trial pits can all be carried out.


Detailed soil, groundwater and surface water sampling, monitoring and analysis can be carried out.  Groundwater and landfill gas monitoring piezometers can be installed for ongoing monitoring, measurement and analysis.


From the outcome of the intrusive investigation, the conceptual model can be revised and the associated risks from contamination assessed using the latest CLEA (Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment) v1.06 model.  If required, recommendations for remediation by the best practical methods can be advised.

Geotechnical Investigation

Soiltec offer a full range of geotechnical site investigations for building and civil engineering projects.  Investigations are carried out using our in-house facilities.  Various drilling techniques are available to cover all applications e.g. window and windowless sampling using mechanical hand held equipment and our Dando 2000 Terrier rig, shell and auger and rotary drilling.  This range of equipment enables small and large investigations to be carried out even when access to a site may be limited. 


In-situ testing can be carried out e.g. SPT and CPT with the Dando and shell and auger rigs for foundation or pile design parameters.  The Dando rig can be also be readily converted to carry out Dynamic Probing.